Before going directly to the top Newari cuisine, first of all, let’s find out about the Newari people and their origin along with the Newari food. Newar people are the traditional inhabitants found in every corner of Nepal. But the original resident lives locally around Kathmandu Valley, about 50% of the population live in the Capital City of Nepal. Also, Bhaktapur, Kirtipur, and Lalitpur cover the maximum number of Newari people.

Newars are also well-known for the Malla Dynasty who ruled during the “Golden Age” which lasted 600 years. Newari people have their own caste, culture, religion, tradition and are most famous for their artifacts and cuisine.

To study Newari culture, one should explore three ancient kingdoms in the valley, i.e. Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur. The real artifact can be observed and interact with local people, food, architecture, festivals, etc for detailed information.

The local and authentic Newari food can be enjoyed in every corner of Kathmandu, Lalitpur, and Bhaktapur. You can also use Listynp app to find out restaurants that serve the best Newari food at reasonable prices.

Buff Choila, a famous Newari Cuisine

Buff Choila is a typical Newari appetizer that is incredibly hot, spicy, and full of mouthwatering flavors. It is a non-vegetarian dish seasoned with authentic Newari spices. Choila is prepared by roasting the meat in the hay fire; this is the traditional way of making choila. It is traditionally popular with buff meat and the method fills the meat with tangy smoky flavors. Choila is mixed with varieties of spices while the aromatic spices and herbs make it an appetizing dish.

newari set: Spicy Buff Choila
newari set: Nepali style Buff Choila

Aalu Tama

Aalu Tama is a popular Newari vegetarian soup that is sour, hot, and spicy. It is made up of potato fermented bamboo shoots and black-eyed beans. The aalu tama soup is sure to be a winter favorite and is mostly served as a side dish.

newari set: Nepali Style Aalu Tama

Samay Baji Set

Samay Baji is a very versatile and traditional Newari food, a combined set that mainly covers dishes like beaten rice, black-eyed beans, choila, eggs, potato salad, fish, bara (patty made of lentils) and spicy kakro ko achar(cucumber pickle). It is mostly served as a starter during various occasions. The entire Samay baji set is not complete without chhang or aila.

newari set: Tapari samay baji set
Samay Baji Tapari Set
newari set: Newa Bhoye Set
Newa Bhoye


Bara is a very popular appetizer in Newari food. It is prepared by soaking the lentils overnight and then blend into a thick paste with added spices into it. Usually cooked in thick pan or tawa using oil. Various kinds of toppings can be added to bara like minced meat, potatoes, eggs for extra flavors. It is soft, crispy filled with mouthwatering toppings along with Nepali spices.

newari set: Delicious Mix bara
newari set: Egg Bara Set

Kachila (Keema)

Kachila i.e. kachyu means raw and la means meat where the raw minced buffalo meat is marinated with Newari spices along with mustard oil and seasoned with spring onions. It is filled with full of meaty goodness and mostly used in bara and chatamari for toppings.

newari set: Newari Buff Kachila

Saphu Mhicha | Water buffalo bone marrow

Shapu Mhicha is a beloved and popular dish of Newar Community. It contains buffalo leaf tribe stuffed with bone marrow and eaten has a side dish or snacks. Also it is served with alcohol i.e. chhyang and aila. It is rarely find it in Newari eateries as it takes a longer time to prepare.

Saphu Mhicha
Saphu Mhicha

Takha and Sanya Khuna (Thalthale masu)

Takha and Sanya Khuna are also must-have dishes in Newari culture. It is different than a regular meat items, an exotic frozen dish that looks like a jelly where takha is prepared by using buffalo meat and sanya khuna using fish soup. Usually prepared by cooking buffalo meat and bones separately along with the added spices and then mixing together and placed in a wide mud pot overnight to form a jelly. While for Sanya khuna dried fishes are added in the mixture of boiling takha.

newari set: Takha thalthale masu


Chukauni is a very popular yogurt potato pickle or salad originated from the western Nepali district of Palpa. The boiled potatoes are mixed with onion, green chilies, coriander along with the yogurt. It is filled with full of Nepali spices and is served during breakfast. It can be served hot or cold as per the preference.

newari set: Delicious Chukauni


Chhyang is a very popular Newari alcoholic beverage where the rice grains are used to brew the drink. Here the cooked rice is mixed with the rice yeast powder then put in a bucket and covered for 5-6 days at room temperature. It is the alternative of beer in Newari community.

newari set: Newari Chyang
newari set: Tho Chyang


Chatamari is famous for Newari style pizza filled with varieties of luscious toppings. It has a very thin crust made with rice flour and is specially prepared during festivals and various occasions. It is crispy and soft from inside with lots of enjoyable toppings and heavenly flavors, which is mostly served during breakfast.

newari set: Mix Newari Chatamari
newari set: Newari Pizza
newari set: Mix Chatamari

Aila (Raksi)

Aila also known as Raksi is a Newari beverage that is usually homemade and prepared by filtration of fermented rice, grains, molasses, millet, etc. It is popular as Newari whiskey. Aila has its own value and plays a very important role in festivals. Mostly served with Samay baji or any kind of meaty goodness.

newari set:  Aila


Yomari is a very delectable Newari appetizer that is prepared in yomari punhi i.e. Purnima also known as full moon day. This dish has been accepted for many generations and till now appreciated by everyone. It is popular as rice flour dumplings filled with chaku (molasses), khuwa (khoya) or masu (minced meat) and usually served with any kind of pickle for extra flavors.

newari set:  Yomari
newari set: Chaku and Khuwa Yomari

Paau Kwaa (Lapsi ko Achar)

Lapsi ko Achar is a hot, spicy and sweet flavored pickle. It is one of the most popular among all Nepali fruit pickles, can be prepared very easily using sugar and lots of spices in it. This pickle can be served immediately or placed in a glass pot or plastic pot over the sun for days or weeks which makes the rich brown pickle tastes even more spicy and tangy.

newari set: Spicy Lapsi Achar

JuJu Dhau (Curd)

JuJu Dhau known as king of yogurt is the most popular dessert in Newari Community. The main origin of king yogurt is Bhaktapur, in every corners of Bhaktapur you can find this reasonably satisfying dessert. It is soft, creamy, sweet prepared by fermentation of milk into a clay pot or plastic glasses. The must have dessert in every Newari festival or we can say without king yogurt the festival is incomplete.

 newari set: King Curd
 newari set: JuJu Dhau

Combined Set Of Newari Food

Combined Newari Set
Authentic Newari Set

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