Goat/Mutton Choila: Savor the authenticity of Newari grilled cuisine, expertly seasoned with Nepali spices and mustard oil for a flavorful meaty delight.

Choila, a typical Newari appetizer, boasts intense heat, spice, and mouthwatering flavors. Prepared with various meats like mutton, buff, or chicken, it features authentic Newari spices.

In the Newar community, Choila holds special significance, given the people’s love for meat-centric dishes. Whether served during festivals or as Prasad, Choila remains a central and cherished dish, with its preparation considered essential for a satisfying celebration.

Mainly Choila is of two types:

Haku Choila ( Haku means black) – Roasted meat

Haku Choila is prepared by roasting the meat in the hay fire; this is the traditional way of making choila. It is traditionally popular with buff meat (Buff choila Recipie) but today we are using mutton or goat meat, and the method fills the meat with tangy smoky flavors. This is the original way of making Newari Choila.

Mana  Choila – Boiled meat

While Mana Choila is prepared by boiling the meat in water; this is the optional way of making choila where it’s not possible to manage fire and also the easiest method. But if you want to taste the authentic Newari style choila then you cannot rely on this.

Choila and its authenticity

As a Newar, I’ve personally observed the universal appeal of Choila, transcending communities. People eagerly anticipate tasting this delectable dish when visiting a Newari home or restaurant, and it’s rare to find someone who doesn’t love it. Choila is a meaty delight, where aromatic spices elevate the flavor profile to new heights, creating a soft, juicy, and chewy appetizer infused with Nepali flair.

This dish combines an array of spices, with aromatic herbs enhancing its appeal. Served as a side dish or with Samay Baji, a comprehensive platter featuring beaten rice, black-eyed beans, Choila, fish, bara (lentil patty), and spicy Mula ko achar (radish pickle), it’s a culinary delight. Additionally, it serves as a perfect accompaniment to alcohol. The Samay Baji set traditionally pairs with buffalo Choila, but this versatile dish can be prepared with goat/mutton or other meats like chicken, lamb, duck, or buffalo, offering a variety for every palate.

Ingredients for Mutton/Goat Choila

  1. 500 g mutton/goat meat
  2. Chopped green garlic shoots
  3. Salt to taste
  4. Half cup mustard oil
  5. One tablespoon of cumin powder
  6. Half tablespoon turmeric
  7. Dry red chilli paste
  8. Finely chopped ginger-garlic
  9. Ginger-garlic paste
  10. Methi (Fenugreek seeds)

Let’s make it

1: Firstly, roast the meat in the heated pan or directly into the fire using a barbecue stick if you are making haku choila or else go for mana choila

2: For mana choila, take a pressure cooker put the meat and just a little water half a cup and let it cook for 2 whistles. And the further recipe is the same for both

3: Cut the meat into cubes in bite sizes but not too big and take it out on a broader bowl

4: Then make a red chilli paste, for this take a wider pan, add some mustard oil and fry the chillies until it gets light brown and then grind it. It should be a thick paste

5: Add cumin powder, and ginger-garlic paste and then mix it properly

6: Then take a pan and heat 4-5 tbsp of mustard oil and add 1 tbsp of methi or fenugreek seeds 

7: Remove it after the seeds get black and add some turmeric powder, then immediately pour it in choila

8: Add some chopped green garlic shoots and chopped ginger-garlic along with 5 tbsp of mustard oil and then mix it properly with your hands. There is a popular saying that the real taste is in the hands.

9: And it’s ready to serve 🙂

Goat/Mutton Choila