Momos are served with spicy sauce (dip) which is also known as momo ko achar or chutney. Achar is the mandatory thing that adds more flavors to momo. However, it can be served as thick paste or thin also known as jhol achar. Momos are specially served hot while the chutney is kept cold in the refrigerator.

There are different varieties of momo achar available, as it differs from restaurants to local eateries. Mostly local eateries serves jhol achar while the top restaurants make it simple in a small bowl.

In Nepal, Momos are considered national snacks as you can find momo eateries everywhere from street stalls to local shops to big restaurants OR shall i say it is difficult to find the restaurant that doesn’t serve momo. Kathmandu Valley is famous for typical momo eateries that serve varieties of momo chutney. Momo Achar adds delectable flavors, without chutney momos are completely tasteless.

Types of Momo Achar | Momo Chutney

If you live around Kathmandu Valley, then do visit local eateries rather than top restaurants to taste the local authentic Nepali style momo with mouthwatering momo achar, momo ko jhol, or momo dip. You can also visit Lalitpur, Bhaktapur, Kirtipur that has the best momo junctions which will hit your taste buds to the next level. Mostly momos are served with these achars.

  • Jhol Achar (mostly use sesame seeds, peanuts, soybean and tomatoes with mixed spices)
Momo jhol achar
  • Golveda ko Achar (typical tomato pickle)
Golveda Tomato Pickle
Tomato Pickle
  • Piro Achar ( especially use Sichuan pepper: Timur and red dry chilies)
Timur ko Piro Achar
Timur ko chutney

The spiciness in this momo achar, can be adjusted as per your taste preferences. If you can’t handle spicy stuff or serving the children then go for normal momo chutney with fewer chilies else try spicy momo achar at least once to find the difference how amazing the momos goes with spicy momo dip. The color of momo chutney can vary on the basis of which chili you use, if you use Kashmiri mirch then it will give a good red texture.

Apart from momos, this spicy momo chutney can also be enjoyed with sausages, sekuwa, and many other street foods.

There are numerous types of chutney available so here I will be preparing authentic momo ko achar that you will easily find on most of the restaurants in Kathmandu valley.

Ingredients for Momo Achar

  • Sesame seeds (teel) or peanuts (badam) or soybean (bhatmas)
  • 5 tomatoes
  • 5 ginger-garlic cloves
  • Chopped coriander
  • Red dried chilies or green chilies (as per your preference)
  • Salt to taste
  • 1 lemon 

Let’s make it

1: First of all, heat up a wider pan to fry the sesame seeds or peanuts or soybean (whatever you have in your kitchen)

2: Then heat up the pan and add some oil into it

3: Add five chopped tomatoes along with the red or green chilies and ginger-garlic cloves while  ginger garlic paste can also be added 

4: Then take a grinder and blend all these mixtures together

5: Add chopped coriander and again blend it for good 10 seconds

6: Pour it in a bowl and then add some lemon juice 

7: Add some water if you want thin soup (jhol)

8: And it’s ready to serve with the momos 🙂