Dudh Bari or Ras Malai is a very popular dessert or sweet dish in Nepal and India. In Nepal, known as Dudh Bari i.e. Dudh means the milk or juice and Bari means the creamy part while in India known as Ras malai i.e. Ras means the juice and Malai means the creamy part. It is a very popular dessert served during family functions and parties.

Ingredients for Rasmalai

  1. Two liters milk
  2. Vinegar or lemon
  3. Two tablespoon crushed cardamom
  4. 500 g Sugar for syrup
  5. Five tablespoon sugar for milk
  6. Saffron or Kesar 
  7. Finely chopped dry fruits (Almond, coconut, cashew, pistachio, etc)

Let’s make it

1: Take a bigger pot and heat up the one-liter milk in medium flame

2: Once the milk is boiled then turn off the heat and stir it slowly

3: Add 1 tbsp of vinegar or lemon so that milk can be separated into whey i.e. watery part and solid part. Leave it for 30 minutes

4: Use a soft cotton cloth to separate solid part of milk, make sure to remove as much water as you can

5: Start making small milk balls from that solid part

6: Heat up another 1 liter of milk for rash i.e. juice  and add 1 tbsp of  crushed cardamom, saffron and sugar as per the taste

7: Let it cook in medium flame for 10 minutes

8: Now let’s make the sugar syrup and for this take 1 jug of water and add 500 g of sugar and cardamom powder

9: Add milk balls in sugar syrup and let it cook for 10-15 minutes

10: Take off the milk balls from sugar syrup and dip it in the milk that we prepared before for rash or juice

11: Garnish with the finely chopped dry fruits on top and put it in the freezer for 3-4 hours

12: And it’s ready to serve 🙂

Yummy Rasmalai or Dudh Bari Recipe