Rasbari is a very popular dessert that is specially served with curd. Mostly famous in Nepal and India and is also known as rasgulla in India. It is a milk-based dessert which is small white milk balls soaked in chilled sugar syrup and famous during gatherings, parties and also served on many occasions.

The dish originated in East India; Odisha and West Bengal have variously claimed to be its birthplace. It is believed that rasbari is one of the demanded dessert in every festival. Not only in India but also in Nepal rasbari is equally popular. From mother’s day to a marriage ceremony, people love to eat rasbari with a spoon of curd in it.

Not only children are fond of rasgulla, from youths to older grandparents, it is everyone’s favorite, no one could stay away from enjoying those delicious soft milk balls. Rasbari is my personal favorite dessert as it is very healthy and made up of cow milk. It is definitely not easy to make perfect rasbari on the very first day but trust me it’s worth it. I have shared an easy rasbari recipe that you can try at your own kitchen. You can serve it cold or hot as per the weather or as per your preferences.

Ingredients for Rasbari

  • 2 liters of full cream  milk 
  • 500 g sugar
  • 1 jug water
  • 1/2 tablespoon cardamom powder
  • 1/2 cup vinegar or lemon

Let’s make it

1: First of all, take a bigger pot and heat up the milk in medium flame

2: Once the milk is boiled then turn off the heat and stir it slowly

3: After that add some vinegar or lemon so that milk can be separated into whey i.e. watery part and solid part. Leave it for 30 minutes

4: Use a soft cotton cloth to separate solid part of milk, make sure to remove as much water as you can

5: Now start making small milk balls from that solid part

6: Take a wider pot, add 500 g of sugar, 1 jug of water and cardamom powder. Let it boil for 5-10 minutes

7: After that add milk balls in the sugar syrup, close the lid then let it cook for another 10 minutes

8: Put it in the freezer or in room temperature

9: And it’s ready to serve

Rasbari Recipe | How to make Nepali dessert Rasbari | Rasgulla